Take my blogging course at C4 Academy

Hot off the presses: the C4 Academy downtown at Clockworks Cafe and Cultural Center just published its first-ever  Brochure of classes. Among the list of classes you’ll find there — all of which are free to the community in June and July — is a blogging basics course by yours truly.

A blog is just a vomitorium for navel-gazers and diarists with a penchant to overshare, right? Well, sometimes. Hundreds of millions of blogs have been launched. Very few survive in perpetuity (if that’s even possible).

This course is one for would-be writers interested in the blog form.

I’m not going to teach you how to set up a blog on WordPress or blogger in my class; it’s not really about the technical aspects of blogging. But I will teach you how to write a blog and craft a message through online media.

Blogging basics is for people with a story to tell, perhaps a product to sell,  looking for way to do it well.  I’m beta testing this course here in Salem before I pitch it to my colleagues at the University of Oregon, where I teach magazine writing, so you can bet it will be a step above your average free course.

Questions? Email me at emilygrosvenor@gmail.com. Interest? I’ll see you there!

Update: Some have been asking when the course is taking place. I am offering the same intro course on June 21 and July 12 at 6:00 p.m. at Clockworks Cafe.


2 Responses to “Take my blogging course at C4 Academy”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Emily- Someone was just asking me the other day for tips on blog writing. Do you have any suggestions you could share via the internet since I live in Iowa City?

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