Photo finish

If you find a bill for $3.00 on your credit card statement and it says it’s from “Fantasy Photos” and offers you an 888 number to call, don’t punch your partner in the gut.

It’s from the time you stopped by that photo booth at the Salem Center mall downtown.

I’ve always been a sucker for photo booths, but I never imagined how difficult it would be to harange a husband and baby into the booth and try to get all of our faces in the shot. Who can think of smiling when you’re so worried about composition?

Ours turned out like our lives: messy, frantic-looking, glazy-eyed, and yes, deliriously happy.

This isn’t your most user-friendly of photo booths. You have to wade through about 356 backdrop images of “Hot Stuff” or “Gangsta” themes in order to get a classy black strip.

Also, this isn’t one of those booths that spill out gorgeous, perfectly colored and developed prints. They are glossy and blurry. But at least they give you two strips of them. Perfect for two 12-year-olds I guess.

We don’t go to the mall much. Seriously, we go so seldom it’s worth documenting.


2 Responses to “Photo finish”

  1. naomi dagen bloom Says:

    Charming! Not sure I knew that b/w photos were available in a photo booth. Been thinking about taking our 4 yr old granddaughter to the Ace Hotel where they have one. On list of Portland things to do in our first year. You are doing amazingly with new baby and all.

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